He tastes honest.

Kyle Scott

The Cleverers is an improv group made up of 5 clever boys – Mark “Pretty Smart” Farrant, Jason “Moo Hoo Ha Ha” Murphy, Kyle “Deliciously Intelligent” Scott, Jason “Imagine all the People” Siks and Nik “Smart Squared” Stojanovich. Sometimes we are joined by the lovely Jana “Perfectly Smart” Peck.  Jana’s pretty.

We leap about the stage, making up things that are and aren’t true, and generally have fun. We have performed at such august theatres as the Bad Dog, the Copper Pipe (which is technically a bar) and the Theatre Passe Muraille (which may also be a bar).

Improv is the Zen of theatre – enlightenment and perfection in the moment; unthought, unplanned, tasty.  Here’s some of the good lines that I’ll remember spewing with these boys:

You can’t die Peter. Because if you die, I’ll go to heaven and kill God myself. Me.

Rock lock boys. Rock lock. Donnie and the Blasters (Ensemble).

This Island’s name is Steve.   Kyle.

Gary?   Nick.

Hey look! White titties! Jana.

I’m Impending Anal Sex.  Jason Siks

It’s an emu actually. Mark